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BaitMate ® Baitboards specialses in custom made baitboards. Our base stock board designs can be easily customised to suit your boat.  

Our boards can be easily mounted by the fitting of rod holders the use of mounting brackets or in the case of the permanent mounts can be bolted directly to the boat.


No need to fit the board, our boards will fit you 

Our Range

BaitMate has a wide range of bait boards  to fit your boating and fishing needs. You can choose from a standard board or a custom made boards.  The custom made boards are modified from the standard board range to fit with your needs and requirements.

Custom Boards

BaitMate specialises in standard and custom made bait boards.  Check out examples of our custom made boards on our Custom Boards page. 

Delivery and Shipping

BaitMate delivers boards Australia wide through Australia Post. Check out our delivery page for delivery costs and get your bait board shipped right to your door.  

Contact Us

 Get in touch to see how we can help you find your perfect aluminium powder coated bait board. 
We can either make you a stock bait board or, make your bait board fit your boat specifically!

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