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BaitMate bait boards specialises in custom made and standard baitboards for the keen fisherman.  BaitMate will work with you in designing a customised board to fit your boating and fishing requirements.  Working with BaitMate baitboards for your purchase gives you the flexibility of sizes, shape, colour and fittings.  
Our boards are easily fitted via rod holders, a mounting bracket or simply bolted directly to the boat.  

No need to fit the board, our boards will fit you 

Our Range

Our wide range of Baitboards allows you to pick and choose a board that fits you and your boat. All boards are Labelled with sizing so you can measure how big or small you need it to be. After you find your perfect board you simply order and we will make your board and send it straight to your door. If you happen to choose from our stock range we will grab your board off of the wall and send it the very next day. 

Custom Boards

BaitMate specialises in custom made  Baitboards. If you’re interested in customising your board to fit your boat then head to our Custom Boards page. If you would like any further information on the extras that are available then please have a look at out Extras page. By creating your own board you are ensuring that your product will be one of a kind, hand crafted to fit your specific needs. 

Delivery and Shipping

We receive many questions about shipping and delivery. BaitMate ships Australia wide through Australia Post. If you are purchasing a Stock or Standard board from our range then shipping will be added at the checkout. If you are purchasing a Custom Made Baitboard then your shipping will be calculated in your quote and given to you by us directly. If you would like an estimate of what your Custom Board shipment will cost then please see our Delivery and Order page. 

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